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Incorrect Habits During Piano Lessons

It might seem that Piano is an instrument that can be played without any trouble. But just the same, keyboard players can sustain injuries if they do not stick to correct habits. Right from the beginning, one should pay attention to the posture. All these would be […]

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YouTube: Piano cover – Mercy (Shawn Mendez)

Do you wish to play the piano like this?

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Lessons To Help Master the Keyboard

The keyboard has become increasingly popular and more and more people are learning it. There are few things you need to keep in mind once you have decided to take up keyboard lessons. Master the basics This is the fundamental step to learning anything. One should master […]

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Teaching Keyboard Lessons: Setting Up Keyboard Classes

Are you a professional keyboard player and want to pass on your knowledge to the new generation? As a teacher, knowledge and skills are the two most important factors before you start your own classes. As you might know, not all great keyboard players can be great […]

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YouTube: Shawn Mendes – Stitches (HD Piano Cover) by Francesco Parrino

Superb arrangement and excellent rendition of the song. Look at how beautifully the fingers dance over the piano keys!

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How To Excel In Beginner Keyboard Lessons

How To Excel In Beginner Keyboard Lessons   Keyboards are quite popular today due to the ease of learning. Most keyboards available today are synthesizers. The modern keyboard looks much like a piano but is not that large nor is it that heavy. It is favored by […]

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Keyboard Lessons: Tips for Buying a Keyboard

Keyboard Lessons:  Tips for Buying a Keyboard Once you have decided that you are indeed going in for keyboard lessons, you have to start thinking of purchasing one. Without an instrument at your disposal, it is going to be hard to practice and become proficient. Having your […]

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The Advantages of Pursuing A Career As A Keyboard Lessons Teacher

The Advantages of Pursuing A Career As A Keyboard Lessons Teacher   The old age says that ‘teaching is a noble profession’. However teaching is sometimes deemed as a ‘fallback’ career only when all else fails.   But those aspiring keyboard players who have pursued the path of […]

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Keyboard Lessons: Options for Buying a Keyboard

Keyboard Lessons: Options for Buying a Keyboard   So you have decided that you want to learn the keyboard. You have also arranged to take keyboard lessons and perhaps even have learned the basics. But you cannot really practice or get better unless you have a keyboard […]

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Piano Lessons: Why Learn the Piano?

Piano Lessons: Why Learn the Piano?   The piano is one of the mainstays of Western classical music and is a favourite of music lovers worldwide. It has been a consistently popular instrument for decades and has never gone out of fashion like so many other instruments. […]

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