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dog-playing-pianoHere Is How To Get Started Playing The Keyboard Easily – Adult Piano Lessons

Have you always desired to become a pianist as it seems so elegant? As you finally have the time or finances to invest into piano lessons.

On the other hand, worrying if you can really master the piano? Your concerns are valid and we recognize them.

The truth is that every person can master any instrument, be it the piano, the violin or even the saxophone. The most critical elements are a determined attitude (most important) and a professional piano teacher who delivers results.

Our piano teachers in Singapore have consistently delivered results for our adult learners. In fact, we dare to guarantee that you will be able to play the piano under their guidance! That is how confident we are with their skills. They have been handpicked specially.

If you are wondering what will be covered during the piano lessons, here is summary of the core topics for your convenience.

Lesson 1 – Building A Strong Piano Foundation

  • Mastering the correct posture and finger techniques in playing the piano for faster acceleration
  • Secret tricks on keeping the fingers curved and nimble for playing the piano
  • Playing the first song on the piano by substituting musical notes with finger numbers
  • Feeling the music and playing simple notes on the keyboard

Lesson 2 – Excelling In The Piano Basics

  • Learning the basics of the treble and bass staffs
  • Fun games to memorize the notes names and values and the piano keys that correspond
  • Putting it together, practicing a simple song

Lesson 3 – Accelerating Piano Momentum

  • Different musical symbols like legato, staccato, accent, crescendo, decrescendo, and other special symbols will be introduced. Tips on associating them easily will be provided.
  • Identifying the various modes in music and learning how to integrate them with your piano playing
  • Practicing the piano fundamentals with several simple songs. Be prepared to feel like a pianist already!

Lesson 4 – Master Piano Scales And Intervals

  • Overcoming the keyboard major, minor scales and minor intervals through keyboard teacher insights.
  • Attempting these intervals on the keyboard and practicing more challenging songs.
  • Rehearsing the different versions of musical notes on the keyboard and be prepared to feel surprised about your progress.

Lesson 5 – Piano Mastery Through Practicing All The Various Techniques

  • Introduction to the primary and common chords.
  • Playing the chord progression and scale tone chords, mastering the next step in playing the piano
  • Practing all the various piano techniques together to hear your beautiful piano piece

If you are keen to explore it further, give us a ring to learn how you can actualize your desire of becoming a pianist by this year. It is possible, if you give yourself the chance to learn and master the piano.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

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