Keyboard/Piano Lesson Fees

What Should You Be Paying for Keyboard or Piano Lessons?

You may come across different types of costs for music lessons:

  • Trial lesson fee (if required)
  • Registration fee
  • Fee per weekly lesson, paid monthly

With us, your investment in yourself is truly rewarding:

  • Increased Love and Passion For Keyboard /Piano As You Master Them Quickly
  • Fun And Interesting Piano or Keyboard Lessons That Accelerate Your Learning Curve
  • Personalized Piano or Keyboard Lessons According To Your Learning Preferences Above And Beyond Teaching And Customer Service

We believe in delivering quality lessons where you see improvements at every lessons.

Private keyboard/piano lessons in Singapore typically cost $210 for each monthly payment for four 45-60 minute lesson.

How much you actually pay depends on the teacher’s credentials, the student’s learning level, where the lesson is held, and so on.

You can count on us to find the best value for money to meet your specific needs. We promise to find you the most excellent music teachers we can, and shall continue to look after you even after lessons have started.

If a music teacher is not meeting your needs, we help you get a replacement at no additional administrative cost. Your satisfaction is important to us – 100% Satisfaction or A Full Refund.

WE RECOMMEND – One lesson per week and practising on your own as many days as possible before the next lesson to make the most of your musical investment. If you are preparing for music exams, check with your teacher if you need more frequent lessons.

Some teachers recommend shorter lessons, especially for younger students who may not have the attention span to benefit fully from longer lessons. Some teachers recommend longer lessons so that they can make the most out of consolidating the learnings for each lesson. We can find you the optimum lesson type for at the best price because we have a big database of proven teachers to choose from.

Do you have any questions about music lessons? Let us help you.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME surfing websites, because that cannot show you how capable the music teachers really are and if they are right for you. We welcome you to TALK TO US PERSONALLY. We have a ready pool of pre-screened singing teachers and voice coaches ready to cultivate your talent, and we have the experience to help you pick the right one. To ask about our free (priceless) KEYBOARD & PIANO TEACHER MATCHING SERVICE or anything else related to music lessons, just call Jazz Tan at (65) 8168-8251, email us at, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to helping you make your musical dreams come true!


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