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We are delighted to share that many of our students of all ages fulfill their musical dreams by taking keyboard or piano lessons with teachers matched by us.

Here are just a few success stories from real students over the years.

In case you were wondering, this is all genuine feedback  obtained without bribes or favours. Ask us if you want to find out more.

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Jessica Has Been Recognized As Gifted By Her Teacher
January 7, 2015

JessicaI have always wanted to sign her for lessons and finally decide to work with Keyboard Lessons Singapore because of the convenience of having lessons at home. After 3 months, Anna, the teacher encouraged me to get Jessica graded for exams because of her excellent performance. Now, she is grade 3, without any sweat. And I think she has got talent. In addition, she is much more confident. I am so glad that I made this decision.

~ Mally, Mother of Jessica, Bukit Timah

Srivat Looks Forward To His Keyboard Lessons
January 7, 2015

SrivatHe has always wanted keyboard lessons and finally we gave in. Now, I am glad as he is much more confident and happy whenever he is playing his keyboard. Thanks for your wonderful teacher!

~ Zai, Mother of Srivat, Tampines

Thanks For The Fun Lessons!
January 7, 2015

BenI have always wanted to play the keyboard and now I am really a keyboard player! The lessons really remove the haze about music and makes it easy to comprehend. In fact, I wonder why I took so long to register for lessons. Thanks!

~ Ben, Tampines

Sheela Loves The Keyboard
January 7, 2015

SheelaEver since she started the lessons, she picked it up very quickly and seems to be enjoying it a lot. She spends one hour practicing and rehearsing. I am sure she is going to be a great keyboard player!

~ Mary, Mother of Sheela, Siglap

Can’t Believe That It Was So Easy
January 7, 2015

ChristineNo musical background, no idea that I had music talent, however I signed up for keyboard lessons. Lee Ann, my teacher kept insisting that I master the foundations techniques. After that, it was very easy to play the keyboard. Thanks for the excellent customer service and services!

~ Christine, Farrer Park

I Perform Now!
January 7, 2015

AhmadAfter learning for 6 months, I joined a band and perform for some small events. Thanks for helping me discover my inner musician!

~ Ahmad, Bishan

It Is My Favourite Hobby
January 7, 2015

KeithFinally, registered for keyboard lessons. Now, I really enjoy jamming after work. In fact, I look forward to forming a band with my friends. Thanks for the fun and inspiring keyboard lessons!

~ Keith, Bukit Panjang

Cheerlyn Loves Her Keyboard
January 7, 2015


After being pestered for several months, we caved in and got her keyboard lessons. She loves them and has been practicing everyday.Thanks!

~ Meiling, Mother of Cheerlyn, Bedok North

I Love Playing For My Church
January 7, 2015

adult pianoTook up keyboard lessons to play for church. After 2 months, I registered for the church's choir and now I play with them. It is very fulfilling and I am glad I took up keyboard lessons.

~ Emily, Holland Road

Sarah Is A Keyboard Prodigy
January 7, 2015

children keyboard lessonsShe looks so cute playing her keyboard and sets aside one hour to practice it. I am glad that your keyboard teacher made her love playing the keyboard.

~ Odduee, Orchard

Love Our Keyboard Lessons!
January 7, 2015

keyboard lessons

We were able to play simple tunes on our keyboard after 4 lessons. Thanks for the fun lessons!

~ Lee Hwa & Josephine, Bedok

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We are delighted to share that many of our students fulfill their musical dreams by taking keyboard/piano lessons with teachers matched by us. Here are just a few success stories from real students over the years.

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